Do you do designing for Wordpress, Typepad, and other types of websites?

Unfortunately right now IBB only designs for blogs and websites hosted through blogger. HOWEVER, if you uploaded your own stuff to your typepad or wordpress accounts, I would be able to design stuff for you. I just don't know the workings of these yet, so can't offer full products until I know how they work. KWIM?

Why do you require full payment up front?
Full payment is required up front to help shorten your wait time. I will try to work as quickly as possible to create shorter wait times, but payments will help me get your blogs/other items done quicker. Time for me is very valuable because I illustrate for Stamp Companies as my first priority and I am a stay at home mom of 2 young boys, so payment helps me see who is a serious customer. I don't want to put other customers off for those that aren't very serious. So payment is required BEFORE your name can go on the waiting list.

How long from time payment is received til my stuff gets installed on my blog?

All items are custom. So I work from the ground up from images I currently have in stock. If you are wanting a CUSTOM artwork included on your blog, that takes longer. Right now, I will just say that designs will take up to 1 week. As the list gets longer, it could be up to 2 weeks. I will definitely not be longer than that because I know you want your purdies as much as I LOVE getting them to you!

If I have a banner made, and I change my mind about the look after a while, what is the process?

For quick fixes, I don't charge anything, and there isn't a wait time: example would be changing colors or font. To change anything else, you would get a discounted price of $10 to revamp. However, if you want a total rechange, that will be $25.

As my family grows, how can my blogger grow as well?

Just send me the pics and I will change them out or add them on. You will be charged $5 for each picture each time. Simple and to the point.

When you get my info to my blog, what do you do with that info?

I do not share any info for any reason no matter what. As soon as I get it, and upload everything, I am out and I have forgotten. Trust me, if I need to re-tweak anything, I will need to ask you for the info all over again! My brain is too full to hang on to extras! Hope that makes sense!

For any other questions you may have, please email me at hlr976@hotmail.com