Hey everyone! Welcome to my new blog catour shop!

Here's my contact info:

All images are sent as JPG or PNG files and you can upload yourself, or I can upload them to your blog for you for $10 installation. Installation attempts on other blog formats is $15 {i.e. typepad or wordpress, but upload is not a guarentee and there is no refund}.  Also, I cannot upload to blogs with users of Mac systems. Please let me know before including installation as part of your payment payment if you are a Mac user. If installation price is included with a Mac system purchase, there will be no refund as there is no way for me to upload your products. Once payment is received, we will get started creating your perfect space. I'm sorry to say that no refunds will be given after payment is received.

Here's a Pricing list of all I offer. {I do not do blog backgrounds}

~Blog Banners $45

~Blog Ad $20

~Photo Blog Banners {Up to 3 Photos}:  $55

~Additional Photo's/Upgrading: $5 per photo each time, $10 for upgrading

~Thank You Footer Banners $15

~Blog Signatures: $15

~Blog Sidebar Dividers: $20 for 3

~Watermarks: $15

~Blinkie $25 to have things flash to differnt pages, can be a siggy, title, blog ad, etc.

~Custom Artwork for your Blog Banner {addition from banner itself}: $30

~Out for Publication Logos:  $20

~Customized Wedding/Response card invitations: $3.50 per printed invite plus shipping to you.

~Other invites: $20 for the design

Also, I do 2 moch ups. This is where I make you a banner {or other product}, you edit what you don't like or what you want to change, I create a new moch up. We do this for a total of 2 times only. So you will have basically 1 times after the 1st moch up to change things. Once you have chosen a design, we can tweak the design to make it perfect for you!

Thank you and hope to design your next Blog Banner/Signature!


{Individual Blog Banners}