If you would like to purchase anything from me, please send an email with the following questions answered for me to better get you suited into a perfect fitting blog banner!

1. Colors you like: Earth Tones, Brights, Soft, Neutrals with a pop of color...B&W with a pop of color...that sort of thing...if you want to see SPECIFIC colors, tell them to me with the style {i.e. Bolds, Earth, etc.}

2. Banner Shape: Fat, Skinny, Round, Oval, Nestie shapes...etc.

3. Theme: Tell me what you would like as your theme: I.E. Trees, Florals, Butterflies, Punk, Etc.

4. Font: Print: Typewriter, Courior, Caps, Handwriting, Bubble Letters, Cartoon, etc.

5. Blog Banner Type: Clean & Simple or Cluttered is Best

6. Blog Title/Blurbage: This is your blog title and anything else you want it to read {quotes, blurbage, your name, etc.} Also, what you would like your Signature Line to read..."

7. Blog Inspiration: If you have anything you are inspired by for the look and feel of your blog, please email me pictures or links of your inspiration!

8. Your blog can include pictures, I just ask that you send me your pictures so we can get things started from there...

9. Send me a link to your blog!

10. If you want me to install items for you, send me your blog log-in info.

11. I accept pay pal only, once we have figured out payment total, please send payment to: hlr976@hotmail.com to get started...
Ok, That should be about all I need from you.

After we get all that sorted, I will send a pay pal invoice.