Natalie Dever Says "ITS PERFECT!! Seriously girl...almost cried!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!! genious Heather...that's your new name!!!!!"

Lisa Henke Says "OMG! Heather is amazing! I knew that, but I didn't know just HOW amazing she is, or how speedy fast and spot on she is with her design work until now. Actually I guess I did know all these things, but only in the realm of card making and stamp design. Now I know what a great graphic designer she is."

Renee Dezember Says "Heather thank you so much for the new blog banner...its FUN and INVITING. I love the new feel it brings to my blog. Your talent is amazing...thanks for sharing it!"

Maria Gurnsey Says "WOW!! Heather gave me EXACTLY what I was looking for, her design was PERFECT!! She is the most amazing designer I know and I'm proud to display her art on my blog! Thanks Heather!!"