Monday, May 3, 2010

Individual Blog Banners

Hey all!

This is Heather Rolin and I'm starting this blog to bring you new custome blog catour to freshen up your blog!

I will be adding stuff as I progress, but for now, I hope you can find what you are looking for! Any business is much appreciated!

Super big hugs and thanks for joining me on my new adventure!

Go ahead, look around and if you need anything, my email is:

Super big hugs and lots of love!

Heather R.


  1. Super cool! I've wanted to get one....using a design I had....I'll have to see what I can fit in my budget:) HOOORAY!

  2. I'll give this some thought, thks Heather!

  3. EEKKK!!!! Heather this is awesome...saw it on facebook and had to stop by :)

  4. Heather this is SO VERY AWESOME!! I love that you are doing this...I will DEFINITELY be calling you in the future!! YAY, I am so EXCITED!! :)

  5. EEEK!!!! I need me a Heather banner!!!!

  6. Natalie, I think you need one too! LOL ;)