Saturday, September 11, 2010

New Blog Look: Eryn Hagen

Hey everyone! Happy Saturday!

Long time no post! And what a way to come back! I've got something super special to share with you all! My UBER talented and absolutely GORGEOUS friend Eryn came to me to do a blog redesign for her. She's been very patient with me because my husband had an accident, so I haven't been able to get it done too quickly as well as my 11 month old trying to keep my computer in the off-position...So thank you Eryn for trusting me with your new look...So be sure to head on over to her blog: real.e.random and check things out and leave her some love!

Blog Banner

Sidebar Divider

Blog Footer

Hugs all and hope to design your new look soon!




  1. SUPER cute! JUST love these colors....this fits Eryn!! LOVE it:)

  2. GORGEOUS!! I think Im going to purchase some more off you soon, I need a change something colourful and sparkly and with Angels LOL. Will email you when Im ready :)
    Kristy xx
    Gorgeous work as always hun.